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Sociology What Does it Mean?


There are several general question which we asked to our-self or to our society i.e. what is racism, differences between men and women, what social respect or status is all about e.t.c. and so on there are numerous question which we are asking to our society by the passing time. As a human being, all these type of question are equally important part of our life and with the help of sociology we can study all this things.

Social science is the term which relates to sociology, and the people who dealt with sociology are generally called sociologist. In sociology we study about the society and how people behave in group. Some of the example of sociology is schools and religion, which are made up of ideas or group which influence human’s daily lives, society integration, worlds view.

Importance of Sociology?


The most important aspect of sociology is that’s it studied scientifically about the social institution of society. In the past the scientifically study and scientifically development of human is missing, but now the same has been realized and developed. For individual, society is the largest group. As a society, in every area they had their own issue. So with the help of sociology it’s been possible to study scientifically about the society. With the mutual cooperation, sociology studies each member how to be successful in every stages of their life. Sociology help in eliminating the negative aspect from human life so that they can be successful in their life. As sociology covers various areas of subject, it helps the individual to find the right ways for various difficulties. For a child the family is the first world and first school, and like society family had its own issue and problems. For social reformers or sociologist, the various things which revolves around a family can cause a problem for them. The various things such as age of a marriage and what should be the process for it, how to maintain a relationship between husband and wife etc.It also helps the human being to understand its society and how the social process works, it also highlight the issue or problems of human being.

Various Fields of Sociology


Sociology has been divided into various specialized fields, some of them are as follow

Applied sociology, Community, Collective behavior, Crime and delinquency, Comparative sociology, Demography, Cultural sociology, Formal and complex organization, Deviant behavior, Industrial sociology, Human ecology, Marriage and family, Law and society, Military sociology, Medical sociology, sociology of religion, political sociology, social physiology, urban sociology, sociology theory, rural sociology, sociology of education, sociology of religion.

Sociology Course Assignment Work


With various assignment related to sociology, it can helps individual to develop their social as well as personal relation it also helps them to interact with others on a regular basis.
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