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Progamming Language Introduction


A programming language is not an informal language, which consist of a defined instruction which is used to generate different kind of output. Progamming language is being used to make programs which make categorized algorithms. Every year thousands of programming language is being made and already they had thousands of programming language with them.

Progamming Language & Its Types


Semantics& syntax (surface form of a programming language) are two components of programming language. Each language had its own syntax & unique keywords for making program instruction. Programming language is generally relates to high-level language i.e. Cobol, C++, C, Java, Ada, Fortran & Pascal.

High-level programming language are more complex than the machine language, actually the language which the computer understands. Different CPU (central processing unit) had different machine language. There is one language which is in between high-level programming language& machine language is known as assembly languages. Machine language and assembly language is similar in nature, but in case of assembly language substitute is allow for programmer it means they can change names in-place of numbers which is not in the case of machine language which consist of numbers only. So programming is much easier in case of assembly language in comparison with machine language.One language which is above the high level language is fourth generation language, it is very near to human language. Some of the top programming language as per current status is python, C, Java, C++, C#, R, Javascript, Go, Swift, Ruby.

Progamming Language Converts into Machine Language


Whatever the language you use you had to convert the program into machine language for understanding of computer, and for doing this there are two ways i.e.

• Compile the program.
• Interpret the program.
Computer programmer or professional had to devote their time to choose the best language amongst the all, as all the language had its own strength and weakness. For example for processing numerical data FORTAN is one of the best language but at the same time FORTAN is not good if we are looking for processing large programs. For readable and well-structured program PASCAL is best amongst the all, but it is not so flexible in comparison to C language where-as C++ is difficult and complex.

Programming Language and Its Different Uses


The different application under programming language are

C++: – Application relates to device driver, hardware, database engine.
Java: – Embedded technology, enterprise application, mobile app.
Python: – Automation, 3d software, scripting language.
Swift: – Application building for macOS, tvOS, AppleiOS.
Java script: – website behavior is being control, client side validation.
SQL: – For data enabled application it always provide a backup.
CSS: – to make feel and create website, to make website look.
PHP: – dynamic websites
Ruby: – 3d modelling, simulation, for projects relates to simulation NASA used ruby.
HTML: – website relates to static is being created by HTML, and also it’s creates base for other.
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