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A research proposal is a statement written by a scientist or a student which describes about the topic which was taken for the research; it also provides aims and objectives of the research. A research proposal explains the methods that are used to undergo research within the available time and also list of references to the articles and selection of sources that are appropriate to the research. Finally, it tells briefly about the results that might outcome regarding the subject.

Research Proposals can be Categorized in to Two Main Types


1. Solicited Proposals
2. Unsolicited Proposals

Solicited Proposals

Solicited proposals are written and submitted by the scientists or students to the funding agency for which they have requested. It is a document that contains a specific research problem for which the funding agency is seeking a solution. The solution to the problem can be submitted in a white paper by the interested investigator, and then the funding agency may request the investigator to submit a full proposal for obtaining funds.

Unsolicited Proposals

Unsolicited proposals are submitted by the scientists or students in response to the call which was issued by the funding agency. The funding agency issue calls for the proposals that have firm deadlines and a specified format should be follow for defining it. So it is very important to have detailed information on the specific program and its requirements. Nowadays, funding agencies have websites where they post detailed information regarding the programs.

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