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Organizational Behavior


Organizational behavior is about the study for both individual and group activity and performance within an organization.
During the study human behavior are being examine in a working environment and analyze its effect on performance, job structure, communication, leadership, motivation and so on. It’s all about the defined study and how to apply the knowledge when a group and individual work together within an organization. For example, while reviewing the topics of motivation and personality, the area of psychology is being reviewed again. The area of team process is heavily depended on sociology. When we learn influences and power in an organization, we depend mainly on political sciences. Medical science also contribute to organizational behavior, through the study of stress and how its effect an individual medical science helps a lot.

Features of an Organizational Behavior


The main purpose is to develop good relationship by achieving organizational objective, human objective, and social objective. The below mention six characteristics or features gives the picture of the nature of an organizational behavior

• Applied science.
• Normative science.
• An optimistic and humanistic approach.
• Overall system approach.
• Approach towards Interdisciplinary.
• Another area of study and not only about the discipline.

Objective of an Organizational Behavior


The people who work in any organization must effect there feeling, thoughts, and actions. This action, thought and feeling will in turn effect the group and organizational itself. Some of the objective of an organizational behavior is as follow

• Job satisfaction.
• Finding and balancing the good people.
• Organizational culture.
• Conflict and leadership resolution.
• Better studies about the employees.
• Development of good leaders.
• Development of good team.
• Higher Productivity.

The above mention objectives of an organizational behavior show that how they are concerned about the employee within an organization, how they interact with each other, their satisfaction level, their motivation level, and how they improve better show that their yielding capacity will increase.

Organizational Behavior and its Fundamental Concept


Generally organizational behavior is rely on some fundamental concept which make circle in an around the nature of organization and people. Some of the fundamental concept is

• Perception.
• Individual differences.
• Motivated behavior.
• Whole person.
• Person and its value.
• Human dignity.
• Holistic concept.
• Mutual interest.
• Organization is a social system.
• Involvement desire.

Opportunities and Challenges of Organizational Behavior


Organizational behavior opportunities and challenges are huge and frequently changes due to changes in efficiency improving and to achieve business goal.

• Improving in the peoples skills.
• Improving in the quality and productivity.
• Overall Quality management.
• Controlling and managing workforce diversity.
• Respond towards globalization.
• Empowering people.
• Coping temporariness.
• Innovation are being stimulated and change.
• Emergence of E-commerce and E-organization.
• Improving in the ethical behavior.
• Improving in the customer service.
• Balancing the work life of the organization employee.
• Flattering world.

Beside the above opportunities and challenges there are some limitations also in the organizational behavior. As we can reduce the frustration and conflict but we cannot abolish them with the help of organizational behavior.
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