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Significance of Dissertation Methodology


Dissertation methodology section appears immediately after the literature review in the dissertation, and should flow organic process. The methodology is an outline of the research process that is used as a plan for a paper. It includes any information that is gathered in order to conduct proper research. In other words, a methodology includes the use of various research methods, such as interviews, questionnaires, practical tests, information collection and its analysis.

In general, this section serves as an underpinning to your choice of research methods. Here you have to give a clear explanation as to why you have chosen this or another method and how it has helped to generate the results and maintain the research objectives. It is important to keep in mind that this section is closely linked to the literature one. In other words, each method should support the respective topic of the literature review.

Regarding the types of methods, one can use empirical methods (collecting relevant information and studying the same) or non-empirical methods (all information is gathered from already published sources). Writing dissertation methodology involving empirical methods usually takes more the time as additional data needs to be collected.

Developing research methodology requires not only in-depth knowledge of research methods but also presentation and communication skills in order to present the information in an effective yet lucid way.

The main purpose of methodology is to illustrate the ways of approaching the questions in your research. It is part of research design that helps you to understand what you need to find while conducting the research. It includes your chosen approach, the methods of information collection and its analysis. The two types of approaches that can be adopted for this includes- qualitative and quantitative; which can be used separately or combined to find a perfect match for the your topic.

Among the different research methods, you have to choose that are most suitable for your topic of research. Some of the common methods include-

• Observations
• Questionnaires
• Interviews
• Documentary analysis

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