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The set of descriptive co-efficient that outlines a given data set and that can be a display of the whole population or just a sample is called as Descriptive statistics. The terms that are utilised to describe the data set are central tendency measures of variability of dispersion. This is used to explain the basic trait of the data considered in a study of statistic. They also help in providing easy outline of the sample data and the measures. Descriptive statistics build the basis in almost all the topics of quantitative analysis of the data, along with other easy graphical analysis.

They are classified into descriptive and summarised coefficients of a provided data set that can be either a display of the whole population of an example of it. Descriptive statistics can be further divided into various measures of central tendency and the variations measures. This involves mean, median and mode, wherein the measure of this includes standard deviation and kurtosis and skewness variances.

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