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C++ is basically a general purpose based programming language or we can say it’s an Object oriented programming language which is developed by Bjarne Stroustrup .C++ is an extension of C programming language.The main motive behindto make this language are that it can be utilize or use as a c style language and also object oriented style,as it is an extended version of language C.One of the feature of language C++ is it’s a direct descendant of C language.

C++ Language Actually What it is?


C++ is a common purpose programming language,C++ is an imperative language which consist of commands for the program, programming language C++ is an object oriented language i.e it consist of attributes and methods. It has also very generic programming features which facilitates the low level memory manipulation.

Facts and Features of C++ Language


To fulfill all the business needs and for smooth functioning an application/product must be develop, and to develop any application programming language is require.To fulfill all the basic needs, Mr Bjarne with the help of C language develop an updated version of C language i.e. C++, and in 1979 it was used for the first time. Some of the features and facts of C++ is as follow

• C++ was a compiled language with the implementation of its availability in many platforms
• C++ is adapted with the high performance.
• Because of its design highlights it’s very efficient and flexible to use.
• C++ key strengths being the software infrastructure and resource constrained applications.
• C++ supports various types of memory management like static storage duration object, thread storage duration objects etc.

C++ Language and its Uses?


During its initial period of development, it doesn’t have concept of methods and classes. To overcome this, language ‘c with classes’ was developed which is basically known as C++.

Features of C++which may be consider

1. C++ mainly focuses on the storage of the objects, it uses the static storage, threadstorage, automatic storage and dynamic storage duration objects.
2. C++ is compatible enough with C compilers.
3. C++ is standardized by an ISO working groupJTC1/SC22/WG21.
4. C++ uses the templates that allow the functions and classes to operate with generic types. The advantage being the function and classes can work on many data type without being used rewritten.
5. C++ uses the concept of polymorphism which enables one common interface for many implementations.


Choosing C++& its Benefits


Treating assignments in a prior position for reducing the academic burden from our client’s shoulder is our foremost goal. Client satisfaction always plays a vital role, with this commitment C++language provides the following benefits

a. It can be learn very easily.
b. The language is well structured and with using object oriented concept.
c. Program may be written efficiently using C++ as OOPS are used.
d. Low level memories activities can be handled by the C++ programming language.
e. Compilation can be done easily on various computer platforms.
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