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Critique Writing?


Critique papers wants there students to do critical review of others which may be writing piece, journal article, or a book, or it may be essay. It’s no matter what’s your area is, in future may be in some point of time you are expected to write on critique paper. For students who are in the psychology field, criticizing a paper which is being professional is a best platform for learn much about psychology writing, research process and the article itself. Students can see how researchers do experiments, how they interpret the same and there discussion on the impact of results.

Various Steps Towards Writing of an Effective Critique Paper


While the following steps will help the students who are writing the psychology critique paper, but many of the steps will also help the students who are in different subject.

• Thoroughly read the introduction part of the article: – Whether or not hypotheses is being clearly describe? Previous research and background information is being described in Introduction or not? Besides the answer to the above two question, you may also look out for any other information is being provided in the introduction part or any question that you desire to ask.
• Thoroughly read the methods parts of the article: – Whether the procedure related to study is being outlined clearly or not in the method section? The researchers will measure which variables you have to determine? List down your query or question while reading the article, after completing the reading kindly check which one is remain un-answered among your list.
• Thoroughly read the results parts of the article: – Whether or not all the graphs and tables is being clearly labelled in the result parts? Whether or not the information provided for statistical is enough or not? To measures all the variables, whether the researcher had collect all the data or not? List down your query or question while reading the article and check whether all the data is making any sense or not.
• Thoroughly read the discussion parts of the article: – Learn how researcher interpret the result from the study? Whether the hypothesis is being supported by the results or not? Whether the conclusion drawn by the researcher is being reasonable or not? For making any position it’s a good platform i.e. discussion part for the student. If the conclusions drawn by the researcher is satisfactory then question should be raised for explanation. And if the conclusions drawn by the researcher is not satisfactory then raise the issue and suggest some alternative answers.

Begin writing your Own critique of the paper


• Introduction: Starts your paper by critiquing authors and journal articles. And give your view whether it is relevant or not and give the main thesis or hypothesis.
• Thesis statement:Thesis statement should be included in the final or last part of introduction section.
• Article summary:Outline the important point, give the brief summary of the article.
• Your analysis: Outline your analysis.
• Conclusion: Give your conclusion.
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