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What is Annotated Bibliography?


An annotated bibliography is a bibliography that provides a synopsis and assessment of each source of entries. It can also be described as a list of certification of books, articles and credentials. Researchers use bibliographies for researching a topic. Bibliographies are also known as references and an annotation is a synopsis. Therefore an Annotated Bibliography can be described as an evaluation or a summary of topics.

Purpose of Annotated Bibliography


Annotated Bibliography consists of various summaries of sources. Depending on the assignments or projects an annotated bibliography man consist one or more of the following

 Summarize – Annotations summarize the sources. It provides a synopsis about the usefulness of the source, comparison with other sources, reliability of the topics and the target of the source.
 Assess – After summarizing it helps in evaluation of the sources.
 Reflect – After summarization and evaluation, it is essential to see how the source fits in to the assignment does.

Types of Annotated Bibliography


There are two major types of annotated bibliographies

 Descriptive–A descriptive annotation gives a summary of the text.
 Analytical – An analytical or evaluative annotation provides judgments about a topic which includes comparison to other topics, accuracy of the information,and usefulness of the topic.
 Informative – An informative annotation provides the actual information about the topics which includes hypothesis and proofs of data.
 Combination – It’s a combination of the above annotated bibliographies.


How to Write an Annotated Bibliography?


Before beginning to write an assignment, it is essential to know what an annotated bibliography is and how to get started. Now to get started with annotated bibliography, the following process should be followed

 Choose the sources – The sources must be ascertained before starting an annotated bibliography. This is itself like a project before starting to write for a project.
 Review the items – Reviewing the sources and the information there in is very important.Those items must be chose that provides a wide variety of perspectives.

 Reference and annotation – Reference should come first while writing an annotation. The reference should include the following

The purpose of the project
A synopsis of the content
The relevancy of the topic
Strengths & weakness of the topic
Uniqueness of the bibliography

Benefits of a good Annotated Bibliography


A good annotated bibliography with appropriate sources and content is very beneficial to start of with any project. Its benefits can be summarize into

 It provides various evidences of the sources.
 Provides an authority for the research anybody has done.
 Provides an opportunity to determine the helpfulness of a source.
 Provides a background of the source thereby helps the researcher to determine the interest of the topic.
 Supports a researcher to imagine properly about the contents of the work they are using.

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