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In today’s Global scenario International Trade between countries drives the Global Economy. Almost all the countries of the world are engaged in Business and Trade with others and international trade forms a significant part of their GDP. International Trade not only promotes growth of the nations but good trading relations among countries also promotes regional stability and peace.

Importance of Trade Finance in International Trade


Trade finance is the financing of international trade flow. It has developed to mitigate or reduce the risks involved in an international trade transaction. There are two players in any international trade

• An Exporter- who requires payments for their goods or services, and
• An Importer- who wants to make sure that he is paying for the correct quality and quantity of goods

Risks Involved in International Trade


As International Trade takes place across borders, with companies or corporations that are unlikely to be familiar with each other, there can be several risks that are to be dealt with. These may include
Payment Risk: Will the exporter be paid in full and on time for the goods and/or services sold? Will the importer get the goods or services they wanted?
Country Risk: A collection of risks associated with doing business with a foreign country, such as political risk, sovereign risk and exchange rate risk. For instance, a country may not like exporting goods or importing goods to certain countries because of the political situation, a deteriorating economy, the lack of legal structures, etc.
Corporate Risk:The risks associated with company (exporter/importer): What is their credit rating? Do they have a history of non- payment of dues?
To reduce these risks, Banks and other financiers have stepped in provide trade finance products, which can be both short-term and long-term in nature.

How Trade Finance Case Study Help Assists Students

A Trade finance case study is a sort of report made to measure and analyze the pros and cons of business system. The reason to carry out a study is to identify the mistakes in a business transaction , so that one can learn from mistakes and not repeat them. This requires exceptional aptitude for gathering and processing information and analytical skills to identify the problems and draw conclusions.
This might become difficult for students who usually have shortage of time due to other works or commitments, or those who lack in-depth knowledge of the concerned field of study. Due to the complexity of the subject and in-depth research required for the preparation of the Trade finance case study, it seems befitting to take help from expert professionals who are not only qualified , experienced but also well versed with the methodology adopted to prepare an excellent case study for the purpose.
Our expert academic professionals are there to guide and assist students at all times to ensure that students complete their Trade Finance case studies in an efficient manner and in time. This in turn will help students to score high grades and fulfill their academic endeavors.
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