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PYTHON is basically a general purpose based programming language or we can say it’s a interpreted high level programming language which is developed by Guido van Rossum and it was first appeared in the year 1991. Python a philosophy for design that will emphasizes the code readability using the significant whitespaces.

What is PYTHON Language?


In general terms PYTHON is one of the programming language which is used for web programming like google App engine Zope etc.Apart from that Python can also be used for desktop application which is mostly the games pygame.Various websites can be developed using Python and it can also be translated into binary code like JAVA.

Facts & Features of PYTHON Programming Language


Programming language is utmost important for the development of any product or application, which is being required for business purpose.Many websites has been designed using python,apart from this many other features can be implemented using python and Mr.Guido van rossum has made it real by developing websites etc using PYTHON and which is used first time during the year 1991. Some of the features& Facts of PYTHON are mention below

• PYTHON was influenced by coffee script, falcon, Java script etc.
• PYTHON parent company was python software foundation.
• PYTHON interpreters are easily available for their operating systems.
• PYTHON uses the PSFL license which is compatible with the general public license. The primary use is for distribution of the python project software.

Why to Use PYTHON Language?


The main idea behind using python language is its flexibility of developing both desktop and web applications. Somebasic features of PYTHON might be

1. PYTHON used for developing the complex scientific and numeric applications.
2. PYTHON is designed for data analysis and visualization also.

Benefits of Choosing PYTHON Programming Language


Treating assignments in a prior position for reducing the academic burden from our client’s shoulder is our foremost goal. Client satisfaction always plays a vital role, with this commitment PYTHONlanguage provides the following benefits

a. PYTHON language is simple & also very easy to learn.
b. PYTHON is amulti paradigm programming language and it supports the features of functional programming, aspect oriented programming which also includes metaprogramming and Meta objects.

c. PYTHON uses the bold typing and also a tie-up of reference counting. For the memory management of the computer program python play a vital role by using cycle detecting garbage collector for the proper functioning of program allocation.

d. PYTHON programming also features the name resolution concept which binds the variable name and method during program execution.

e. PYTHON programming language use as a scripting language for example via mod_wsgi for the apache tom cat server for all web application.
f. PYTHON programming language can help at artificial intelligence. It also used for processing of natural language.
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