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Project Management


In general it may be defined as the practice of planning, initiating, controlling, executing and ending the work of a group or team so that they can achieve a desired goals and can meet desired success as per the schedule time.
One of the main challenge is to complete the goal or achieve the desired goal with the schedule time. All the check list i.e. what to do or not is being prepared at the beginning of the work i.e. during development process. The main limitations of the projects are always time, scope, quality and budget and the secondary issue is the optimum utilization of the given input or resources.

Five groups of Project Management Process


• Initiating: – This is the starting level of project, and the main motive of this stage is to present the project at a wider form or at broad level. The stage or phase generally starts with a commercial or business base. In this stage you will check whether the project is viable or not i.e. it will be profitable or not. If any workout to be done with regards to the viability or feasibility then it should be complete in this stage. The main contributor or share-holder or promoter will do their work-out to check the feasibility of the project. After checking the feasibility if it is ok, it means if it a profitable then initiation document (PID) or project charter will be prepared which also includes stakeholders, business case and business needs.

• Planning: -Success of any project is much depend on this stage, so it is one of the most important stage. A roadmap is being develop at this stage and everyone had to follow that map. Goals setting is the first step in this phase, generally there are two famous method are there for goal setting i.e. specific measurable attainable realistic timely (SMART) or collaborative limited emotional appreciable refinable (CLEAR). As per SMART method the goal must be specific, it should be measurable, whether it is attainable or not, work for a particular goal, a time-frame should be set to achieve that goal. As per CLEAR method employee must encourage themselves to work in a group, limitation of scope and time should be there so that it can be manage, emotional should be attached with the goal so that passion for goal will always there, the goal should be divided into number of smaller goal, flexibility should be there.

• Executing: -In this stage deliverables are completed and developed. The various work which is generally completed in this phase is develop team, resources are assign, plans for project management are executed, needed of any procurement management, tracking system is being developed, execution of task assignment.

• Controlling and Monitoring: -In this phase progress of project is being calculated and performance are being measured and they satisfies themselves or ensures themselves that everything is going as per planned.

• Closing: -It represent the whole project or complete project.
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