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Oracle Database


In the oracle database the data is collected and being consider as a unit. The main purpose behind the database is to kept and get the desired information. The server of database plays an important role in solving the problems relates to information management. A server accurately manages a huge collection of data in a multi-user surroundings so that multi user can access the same data if require. Unauthorized entry and access is also being restricted by the server of database and also provide the back-up plan in case of any failure.

The design of grid computing for the enterprises oracle database is the first one to do so, so that the applications and information can be manage in a most flexible way and cost effective way. Grid computing make large pools of modular storage, industry standard and servers. The architecture is designed in such a way that whenever a new system is being added in the pool it can easily be provisioned. Peak workload is not required as the designed is structured in such a way that any capacity can easily be reallocated or added from the pools itself.

The database has physical structure and logical structure. As both the structure are separate, they can be managed single handedly without being access to other structure.

An overview of Oracle Grid Structure


Grid computing is new architecture in the IT field which gives more below cost enterprise and resilient information system. With the access to grid computing modular hardware, group of independent and software components can be easily rejoined and connected as per the changing requirements of the company.
The designer of grid computing is made in such a way that it aims to provide the solutions to the common problems which relates to IT: the silos application problem which effect the utilization capacity, monolithic problem, unwieldy system which are very expensive to operate and also its difficult to change, problem of disintegrated information and fragmented information which cannot be wholly exploited as a whole by the enterprises.

Benefits of Grid Computing


In comparison with different models in the computing area, the IT system which is being designed and structured in grid computing is of high quality which can deliver best quality of service, greater flexibility and at the same time its lower the cost. As the service quality is high on standard the chances of failure is nil, the security infrastructure is robust in nature, and the management is centralized and also policy driven. As the resources is being utilized fully which helps in lowering the cost which in results reducing the maintenance and management cost. As all the resources in the pool is used as per the demand and not specifically store for a single task which helps in to utilize the resources fully. Even the smallest to smallest hardware components is being utilize which helps in reducing the cost and at the same time it provides more flexibility as per the user requirements.

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