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Operations Management


Operations management includes organizing, planning, and supervising process, and to make required improvement so that more profit can be achieved. Whatever is the adjustment in day-to-day operations they must be supported by company business goal, so deep analysis is taken into consideration and at the same time analysis of current process.

Multi-disciplinary Nature


Along with the marketing and finance management, operations management is also a multi-disciplinary operational area in a corporate. They make sure that any resources which is being used i.e. labour, money, or material is utilized in a most effective way so that company can achieve the maximum output. To pop-up with operational management you must be familiar with various discipline. They take into considerations equipment and factory maintenance, general management by tradition. The manager who deals in operations must be aware of the general strategic policies, production and manufacturing system, common material planning, with their analysis. Importance are also given to cost control and production principles.

Required Skills


As the functions is very diverse the same is in the case of skills. The important skills are

• Organization abilities: To organizing a specific process in the corporates requires a specific set of skills. That’s is proper planning, priority, proper execution and monitoring. With all these abilities manager can achieve the company goal’s.
• Analytic capabilities: To have the knowledge of your own process, you must have a broad knowledge of others functions also. As knowledge of others functions sometimes helps to go deep in your own process.
• Process Co-ordination: After the process being understood and analyzed, the next step is to how maximize the optimum efficiency. For that you must take your decision quickly and your focus should be clear also.
• People Skills: Non-coordination or without proper coordination among the employees or with senior management can reduce your productivity. So operations manager role is very important to co-ordinate with each one for proper flow of communication within an organization.
• Creativity: some time it happens that things is not going as per the plan or in the right direction, so problem solving talent must be there.
• Tech-savviness: As the process is dependent on technology, so skill related to technology cannot be underestimated.
Some of the Principle Related to Operations Management

• Team up with customer: Organize the product as per customers taste and likings.
• Continual, rapid improvement: For best quality of product, a non-stop improvement should be implemented so that customer demand and taste can be achieved.
• Unified Purpose: Try to involve your best and main employee in important decision, so they can understand the main purpose of their work.
• Know the competition: Good knowledge about your client.
• Focus: Variations should not be allowed.
• Invest in Human Resources (HR): Job rotation, timely training, Improvement in the areas of health and safety.
• Maintain Equipment: Instead of thinking of new purchase, try to improve your current resources.
• Minimize human error: Equipment quality should always be improve and keep the users accountable.
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