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Open GL stands for Open Graphics Library and it has become one of the leading application program interfaces around the computing world. It has been sought for redefining 2D and 3D images. Open GL has been a revolution and game changer in its respective field as it has moderately increased efficiency since it was first released in 1992. It is a premier program to develop 2D and 3D applications. Earlier a coder had to write the graphical part of an application for every operating system and also had to be aware of hardware composition. Open GL has been a boon and has set of inbuilt commands or library commands which are designed to perform certain actions. Details about the rise and creation of OPEN GL can be learnt from Open GL assignment help online services. Open GL speeds up the application rendering, efficiency, special effects, filtering. It is platform independent which is a factor for its wide usage across multiple platforms. It blends with operating system in a way and provides certain guidelines to be followed for usage. It comes inbuilt with number of high end functions such as transparency, a number of special effects such as fog, atmosphere effects etc.
The Company which developed Open GL is called Silicon Graphics and is noted for changing the graphical aspect of computers. Detailed description of inception and company details can be found under Open GL Assignment Help. It is a freeware software and doesn’t require to be bought to use it.

Features of Open GL


Stability – Open GL is a stable application program interface and has been around for more than 2 decades. It is one of the reliable program and it also has timely updates to back its functions. It also makes sure that the pre-existing application are not worn out. Features and benefits of using Open GL can be learnt and understood by following Open GL Assignment Online Help Services.

Documentation – One of the advantages that budding coders get is the notes and materials available throughout the internet to study and understand the application. There are several books written to excel in the subject and can be easily sought too. It is easily available and inexpensive too. Links, Locations, materials and every detail insight about the leading application program interface can be sought at Open GL Assignment Help.

Machine Independent – It is one of the strengths of the software that it can run on any operating system and hardware, ranging from small devices used for consumer goods to huge desktop platforms.

Reliability – Open GL applications are known to produce graphics not having single rendering and perfect visual displays which sets it top from its competitors. It is flexible to blend with new hardware mixes and allows users to design hardware components based on their requirements. A Summary of detail analysis of Open GL can be sought at Open GL assignment help online.
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