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Electrical engineering is one of the core branches of engineering and includes various topics such as materials for electrical engineering. There are a variety of materials that help in the electrical process. Some of these include-

  • conductors, which aid in the flow of ions and electrons and hence the transfer process, b. semiconductors, such as Gallium arsenide,
  • insulators, which prevent the transfer of electrons, and;
  • magnetic materials. The magnetic materials are further divided into three types, with examples being iron and others. In simple words, electromagnetism is the interaction of a material’s electric and magnetic characteristics caused by electricity. An electric motor works on this basic concept. Electrical Engineering Online Exam Help can ensure that you have a positive learning environment in this discipline.

Biology is the study of living beings and the processes that take place within them, as we all know.  Biology Online Exam Help will cover topics of plant physiology such as plant transport; the processes of plasmolysis, the process of photosynthesis; the role of stomata, chlorophyll, photorespiration i.e. how plants respire; a gas exchange in an anaerobic and aerobic environment, and plant growth and development. Not just we also cover biological classification, and ecology as well. We’d like to point out that the topics mentioned above aren’t everything that we work on. These are just a few examples of the wide range of topics we cover. You are free to contact us for further information on the subject.

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