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Java in general is a general purpose based programming language or in other way it is an Object oriented programming language. Which is introduced by James Gosling and it was appeared first during the year 1993.JAVA is concurrent in nature and it basically designed to have few implementation dependencies as much as possible.

What is Java Language?


In simple terms,JAVA is a language which is used for programming that was designed in such a way that its feel and look of the C++ language but it is more easy and flexible then C++ as it enforces the object oriented concept model. UsingJAVAwe can develop the complete application that may run on the single computer, it can be taken as distributed among servers of the individual clients in the network.

Different Facts and Features of JAVA Programming Language


Keeping this point inthe mind and taken C++ language look and feel along with the new feature of classes and different method,Mr. James Gosling develop JAVAand during the year 1993 it was being used for the first time. Some of the basic features and facts of JAVA are as described below

• JAVA was developed by sun Microsystems.
• JAVA has the license from the general public license company.
• JAVA code in nature is a robust one.
• JAVA uses the 3 key platforms where the programmers develop the java application. The platforms are JAVA SE, JAVA EE and JAVA ME.

Why to use JAVA Language?


There are some different features in JAVA language which are being missed out or not present in C++ language when it was being developed.Some of the important and different features of JAVA might be

1. JAVA uses the special classes features, like Applet programs that were embedded in other applications.
2. JAVA uses the JAVA servlet technology which is server side JAVA EE components that generate the responses ie.HTML pages.

Benefits of Choosing Java Programming Language


For reducing the burden for our client, the different assignment are giving the top most priority and quality control are being measured. The benefits of JAVA languages are as follow

a. JAVA language is one the simple programming language and it can be learn easily, it was designed with small number of constructs which eliminates the unnecessary feature in other languages.
b. Java is a programming language which is an object oriented,where the objects has the unique identity which encapsulate the attributes and operations.
c. JAVA is designed in such a way that it supports all the levels of network connectivity, which helps then to access remote objects in the internet.
d. JAVA programming language is much secured as java run time environment uses a byte code verification process.
e. JAVA language performance is very high as it was designed to support ‘Just-in-time’ compilers.
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