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Human Resource Management


Human resource management (HRM) is one of the department of the business unit who takes care of management, hiring and firing or termination of the employee.Human resource management mainly concentrate on the action of employee with in the business, and they try to maintain the best possible work environment all the time.

Human Resource Management key Responsibilities


Any firm or organization having business in large or small scale do maintain one department i.e. human resource management. Any time the firm needed some manpower in the form of new recruitment, then human resource department plays a Vital role. Human resource management also help the company during the time of retrenchment. They also make balance and manage illness problem, vacation time, bereavement leave and any other problem of employee which they face in day to day activities. Human resource department generally take the total control of employee and look after there all the issue, so that the management will concentrate on doing business smoothly. They also deal with the legal issue if any and close the matter in a smooth way so that no hamper will take place in the organization.

Human Resource Play a Vital Role for the Business Growth


One of the important job of Human resource department is to give training to its company employee in the best working environment and at the same time they prepare the employee for advancing within a company group. It always be a less cheap to trained the existing staff instead of new one. Existing staff is more familiar to the company as compare to new one.

Objectives of Human Resources Management


• Driving productivity and defining organizational structure.
• Proper co-ordination between organizational departments.
• Employee satisfaction: – Due to global competition it’s not easy for the company to retain its employee. So Human resources department plays an important role in this area.
• Keeping up with the ethical and socialist models: The ethical, legal and social issue must be properly dealt with.

Reasons Why Human Resources Play an Important Role in an Organization


Human resource play an important role in many field, ranging from company image to strategic planning. They are expertise in providing numerous services to employee. The following area are as follow

• Strategic Management: – They improves the company base with their expertise knowledge in human capital effects.

• Salaries and wages: – They continuously survey within the industry and area for better compensation of salaries and wages.

• Analyzing benefits

• Risk and safety management: – As an employer they are liable to provide safety to their employees. Human resources plays an important role in it.

• Minimizing the liability issue: – With the specialties in relations with its employees minimize the unfair practices in employment.

• Training and development: – They on regular basis provide training programme within an organization for their employee.

• Employee satisfaction
• On boarding
• Hiring processes
• Maintaining compliance

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