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General Management?


General Management is a wide field with diverse range of responsibilities.The duty of an efficient general manager includes the overall responsibilities of day-to-day operations as well as to look after the company’s profit& loss account.As they are in charge of policy formulation also, so that the materials & human resources can be used most effectively which ultimately affects the revenue & expenditure columns of a company’s income statement.

General Management always incorporates new business skills with new thinking & new perspectives which strengthens the leadership qualities of a general manager.By empowering his team,he can become an effective leader which again helps in finding optimal solutions to complex problems in a company.

Objectives of General Management


 Resource utilization in optimal way
 Development of business
 Improving quality of goods
 No hindrance in supply of goods
 Establishing discipline & morale in the company
 Proper forecasting thereby reduces the element of risk.
 Introduction & promotion of research & development
 Proper future planning.
 Providing congenial environment to the workers.
 Enhancing the efficiency of each factor of production

Qualities of a General Manager


 Creativity which again proves his competence
 To set the parameters of context & structure of work
 Strong Intuition
 A thorough knowledge base
 Commitment towards success of the projects assigned & towards his team
 Flexibility
 Discipline towards his work

Duties & responsibilities of a General Manager


 Evaluate daily operations
 Responsibility to design various strategies for business growth
 Reporting & engaging with higher authorities & corporate officers
 Engaging himself in customer activities
 To achieve targeted goals & objectives
 Delegate works & administrative tasks

What is General Management Case Study?


A General Management case study is the best way to provide a management student or an intern or a fresher the practical scenario of a company in this theoretical environment. It is an intensive study of the management system of an organization. It includes surveys, analysis& various research & developments.
A case study is a very rigid protocol to understand the real scenario inside a company. It includes cost analysis of different departments in a company & also the feasibility reports.It includes cost analysis, collecting data’s& framing reports on the basis of the data’s collected. Therefore the researcher often gets a clear & intensive vision of the management policies & the mode of function inside an organization.

Advantages of General Management Case study Assignments?


A General Management case study assignment is an in-depth survey of the management system of an organization or group which includes lots of research & developments in order explain the management policies & frame a report which cites an example to others.

A General Management Case Study Assignment Often Includes

1. A practical approach which explains the solutions of the existing problems.
2. It finds out the Strength,Weakness,Opportunities & threats (SWOT analysis) of a given situation in the organization.
3. Includes many data oriented discussions to sort out any present situation.
4. It often recommends & suggests the best solution.
5. It can correctly analyze a situation by giving relevant references.
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