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Importance of Proofreading Your Dissertation or Thesis


Writing a dissertation or thesis is , for most PG students, the first instance in which they are required to prepare and produce a lengthy scientific or academic document. The content of dissertations and theses tends to be complex, usually containing great deal of complicated information and other data that must be carefully presented and explained. All the details need to be correct, the text as a whole must be carefully organized, with accurate references which are also thorough and consistent. The student’s writing must be clear and lucid, devoid of all errors of grammar, spelling and punctuation. There are also a lot of concerns to be kept in mind while drafting a thesis or dissertation and it absolutely necessary to proofread each and every page, part and element with eyes sharply focused , editing and revising as and if essential to produce text that is right in every way.

Each student needs to proofread his or her work before it is shared with mentors or guides for criticism and again before it is submitted for examination. Whether you are proofreading a single chapter or entire thesis or dissertation, it is wise to give yourself sometime to gain a bit of objectivity between drafting the work and proofreading it. Reading and examining the document from beginning to end without major distractions or interference is necessary for critically assessing your argument and checking for any inconsistencies in the content and formatting. There are several matters, both major and minor, to check and correct for accuracy and appropriate format as you read- headings and divisions, grammar and transitions, citations and references, spellings and punctuation, numbers and capitalization, abbreviations and specialized terminology, tables and figures to name a few – that it can be difficult to do everything simultaneously. Working through the text several times with a different view each time can be helpful. For instance, quotations, tables and figures and reference lists can be checked for accuracy and consistency on their own though the information contained should also be compared with same or similar information present in other parts of the document.

Owing to the complexity of the process, it would be beneficial to engage a second set of qualified eyes to help you through the proofreading and editing. A new reader brings a fresh perspective and is often able to detect the problems that you may not know. A professional proofreader who is familiar with your discipline and subject area can catch errors in not only typing, spelling, grammar, punctuation and formatting, but also any other problems in the text such as awkward phrasing, unclear expressions, missing information, inconsistencies of any kind, and even mistakes in the data. This provides you with important corrections, enabling you to make necessary improvements based on your proofreader’s expert suggestions.

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