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What is Chemistry?


It is a science branch which includes the study of the structure, composition and properties of subject. Like all science, chemistry purpose is to make logically constant laws and to know the universe.

Ten Types of Chemistry?


The major ten types of chemistry is are follow

• Organic chemistry: – In this we study about the carbon and its related compound. So organic chemistry contains carbon, but still there are some compounds which contain carbon but not classified as organic i.e. salts which is cyanides and carbonates which are generally classified as in-organic chemistry. It is one of the important chemistry because in this one we study about life and all of the reaction links to life. The professional carriers who study this are dentists, doctor, chemists.

• In-organic chemistry: – The compound which is not covered by organic chemistry is study under in-organic chemistry. Or we can say that which does not contain C-H bond. Absence of carbon are there in in-organic chemistry, but still there are some compounds which contains carbon are classified as inorganic compound i.e. carbon monoxide, carbonates, cyanates etc.

• Analytical chemistry: – In which we study about the matter and its tools. In pharmaceutical field they played an important role for the measurement of metabolites and drugs, scientist using this technique for quantification.
• Physical chemistry: – The study of the application of quantum mechanics and thermodynamics to chemistry. Nitric acid used through wood is an example of physical chemistry.

• Bio-Chemistry: – It often known as by biological chemistry. The chemical process which arrives in living organism, it give rise to life complexity. Its study about the molecules which made all living-things.

• Environmental chemistry: – Study relates to environment and its matter. Study relates to biochemical and chemical phenomena which occur at natural places. It should not be correlate with green chemistry, which helps in reducing potential pollution. Some of the examples is chemical oxygen-demand, biochemical oxygen-demand, nutrients, soil chemicals etc.

• Industrial chemistry: – Study relates to chemical process. Ex- paint. It applies to chemical and physical process for conversion of raw-materials into commodities which are useful for human.

• Polymer chemistry: – Study relates to plastics and polymer. Some of the examples of synthetic polymer is polythene, nylon, polyester, epoxy and Teflon. Some examples of natural polymers and which are often water-based are wool, silk, DNA etc.

• Theoretical chemistry: – Study relates to chemical interactions. Study relates to the examination of dynamic and structural properties of molecular and molecule things with the help of quantum chemistry, non-equilibrium and equilibrium statistical dynamics and mechanics.

• Thermo chemistry: – Study relates to the involvement of heat in chemical process.
There are also different ways in which chemistry can be bifurcated into categories. Some of the other examples of types of chemistry is geochemistry, polymer chemistry etc.

Chemistry Course Assignment


With the study of various branches of chemistry in our assignment, we can get an in-depth knowledge of this subject which will be very helpful for our future.
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