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C is basically a procedural based programming language which is developed by Dennis Ritchie between 1969 and 1973.The main purpose behind developing this language is, it can be used as a system programming language which helps to write operating system like windows etc.

What is C Language?


In Simple terms C is a language and which is being used for a general-purpose, mostly imperative computer language and it supports structured programming, having the lexical variable scope and recursion, on the other hand a static type system prevents many unintended operations.

Although there are numerous computer languages available in the market which are used for writing computer application.C programming is the most popular one wordwide.With the feature of its being versatility and flexibility it is used for writing the micro controllers to operating systems. It allows the maximum control with the minimal commands.

C programming Language Features and Facts


For any business information and data, an application or software is being required and to develop an application we require a programming language.With this things and points kept in minds, Mr Dennis M.ritchie develop a Unix operating system at Bell labs.C was first used in the month of DEC 1972.

• For writing the UNIX operating system, C language was being developed.
• Some of the language which is written in C are RDBMS, Linux and my SQL.
• During the year in 1988 American Institute had formalized the C language.
• C language is successor of the B language.

Why do we use the C Language?


During the initial phase of development, the system development work which mostly focused on the makeup of the operating system. SoonC language was being used as a development language as it generates the code which in comparison with assembly language is more-fast. Here are the examples of C Language might be

1. The operating system
2. Databases were also developed using C.
3. Various language compilers.
4. Utilities market.
5. Used for the printing as various print spoolers being developed using c.
6. Used for text editors also.
7. Networking drivers also use C.
8. A language interpreter was also developed using c.
9. Various modern programs also developed using c.


Benefits of Choosing C Programming Language


Client requirement is one the basic motive which we keep kept always in our mind, before starting of any assignment or before take-up of any assignment the main motive is fulfill the needs of the client. We maintain the quality and time management is our top priority list. Some of the basic benefits of using C programming language is as follow

a. C language is one the easiest language.
b. A structured language is what we used.
c. Programme with efficiency can be write with the use of C.
d. C language can adjust or handle the activities relates to low level.
e. Compilation can be done on various computer with the use of C language.
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